Welcome to the Future of HR

HR is stuck in the middle

HR is caught between the present and the future. It’s asked to be simultaneously reactive and innovative—but competing agendas and split attention mean neither call can be fully answered.

For HR to unleash its full potential—to successfully mitigate risk, ensure compliance, adapt to emergencies, innovate the employee experience, and lead business into the future—we need a different path forward.

HR’s evolution is here

A future of work that’s more adaptive, resilient, equitable, and impactful is possible—if we realize the future of HR first.

HR is the cross-functional enabler that can lead organizations toward the future of work—not in spite of its position, but because of it. This new calling, however, requires HR to embrace new ways of working.


A model for the future of HR

Drawing inspiration from trailblazing companies and dozens of interviews with HR leaders just like you, we’ve developed a maturity model that helps HR level up its strategic value and have a bigger and bolder impact.


The Call Center


The Brokerage


The Hollywood Model


The Marketplace


The Neural Network

A Blueprint to Build On

Our maturity model was designed to be a guide—not only in what to do, but in how to do it. It’s not a paint-by-numbers plan; it’s a future-ready path toward leveling up the competencies and skills necessary to evolve HR on your terms. Learn where you currently land in the journey by taking our Future of HR Capabilities Self-Assessment.

Level 1

The Call Center

A functional hierarchy where HR generalists field many different inquiries for many different internal clients. This model is reactive by nature, mainly focusing on mitigating risk and increasing efficiency within functional silos.

Level 2

The Brokerage

A matrixed hierarchy where HR Business Partners balance responsibility for representing customers to internal teams while trying to meet their customer’s strategic and tactical needs. Negotiation between “the business” and HR leadership is common, often resulting in compounded compromises.

Level 3

The Hollywood Model

A centralized-decentralized model where stewarded mission-based teams separate revolutionary work from evolutionary work. HR Business Partners evolve into HR Business Coaches, armed with new skills to lead internal teams into the future of work. 

Level 4

The Marketplace

A marketplace of roles and talent, where decentralized mission-based teams and a centralized People Platform collaborate to respond to business needs. Enabling this adaptive system are HR transformation agents and org designers flourishing in a new role: Market Designer.

Level 5

The Neural Network

A predictive system harnessing technology, data, partners, and tools to not only respond to business needs, but also forecast them. Mission-based teams don’t just react to challenges; they run experiments exploring where the business will go next.

Bonus Level 6

The Profit Center

A mature HR organization with new powers and capabilities that allow it to offer missions and HR services (like a hiring process or compensation model) to the broader market, growing into a bona fide profit center for the business.

Where we’re headed together

From HR Business Partners to HR Business Coaches. From under-resourced shared services to a persistent platform that enhances the employee experience. From incomplete people analytics data to predictive data that drives continuous learning. These are the critical leaps that will allow HR to create greater value and spark change across an organization.

No matter the starting point, we can provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to reach a new altitude—one where HR’s operating system is designed to steward an organization’s approach to strategy, innovation, and culture-building.

Image of the report cover with the title "Where HR Meets the Future of Work"

Get the full report

The future of work needs the Future of HR—and we have a blueprint to help you level up. In our report, we break down our maturity model level by level, help you spot where you are, and illustrate the moves needed to jumpstart your evolution. Download our report to start exploring the Future of HR today.

Let’s get to work

Rolling out a big change can feel comfortable with a big plan in place. But when that plan inevitably shifts, it’s easy to get trapped in a cycle of replanning, stakeholdering, and deciding.

That’s why we won’t sell you a deck and disappear. Instead, we partner with HR to be in the change with you—helping you first get clear on the principles and practices that underpin the shift you want to make before supplying your team with the skills and coaching it needs to mature from functional to future-ready.







What clients are saying
"When we actually did the work around Mission-Based Teams, it became clear there was an obvious front-runner. That sold the merit of the whole workshop. I went 'I totally see why we need to do this and why we need to do it now—and I want to be a part of it.' It was really motivating. And it was simple. When you're busy, it's like 'Holy shit, another thing to do?' But instead of feeling resistance, I just wanted in. It didn't feel like more work; it felt like good work."
People & Culture Business Partner, Les Mills

Ready to get started?

Whether you want to start leveling up today or assess your current standing to see what's next, we're here to help.


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