Reinvent Your Organization

The Ready is a future-of-work consultancy committed to changing how the world works—from business as usual to brave new work.

We see the challenge

We’re all wrestling with complexity. Every company, work function, and team now faces a tall order: to be more adaptive, strategic, effective, human, and equitable amidst growing uncertainty.

We need to shift our thinking

Organizations are human systems full of potential—to navigate complexity, design human processes, and make meaningful change. But tapping into that potential requires a mindset shift, one that accepts that organizations aren't machines. It requires having the courage to say no to the status quo and yes to building future-ready capabilities.

We're Ready to Help

How we work is broken, dehumanizing, and held back by bureaucracy. But it can be reinvented in service of human flourishing—even joy. These changes aren't at the expense of business outcomes. Instead, they're fuel for even greater ambitions. The Ready helps organizations accelerate that change as fast, far, and wide as possible.

The old ways of working aren’t the only ways of working

We help organizations evolve new practices:

From struggling to attract and retain top talent
To giving everyone a voice in shaping the organization

From hoarding information
To making nearly all information transparent and accessible

From being bombarded with meetings and email
To shedding status meetings and bureaucratic theater

From hitting bottlenecks in decision-making
To enabling safe-to-try decisions at the edge

From obsessing over short-term results
To choosing strategic priorities and explicit tradeoffs

The Future of HR

The employee experience has radically changed and keeps changing in ways both big and small. We have a vision for how HR can support a new type of culture-building—one where HR leads the way in creating an operating model for a truly great people-first organization.


We’re fortunate to work with the best


“The Ready’s simple, counterintuitive approach will help you eliminate bureaucracy and awaken the humanity within.”

— Scott Harrison, charity: water

“Rather than spend months planning and debating, The Ready had us working in new ways right away.”

— Marc Lien, Lloyds Bank

“Thanks to The Ready our employees don’t ask for permission to create change... they innovate continually.”

— Executive, Fortune 50 Company