Working Together

How we approach change

We know how we work needs to change. We also know traditional change management is just as broken as work itself. Trying to reinvent our organizations with the same methods we’re trying to escape? That won’t get us closer to a more human, adaptive, and impactful future of work. Instead, we focus on discovering and scaling new practices that prioritize autonomy and agility—and that help our clients break up with bureaucracy once and for all.

Let's Change Something Together

At The Ready, we start by starting. Wherever you find yourself on your future-of-work journey, we’re prepared to help guide and support you.

Reinvent your organization

We team up with leaders eager to supplant the status quo and embrace brave new work in a key function, process area, or across the entire organization. Through partnership with org design and future-of-work coaches, we guide you along a personalized roadmap of transformation. Our goal: to leave your organization with the capacity to reinvent itself long after we're gone.

What's included:

  • Embedded transformation coaching and facilitation

  • Digital learning tools and content

  • ROI design and impact measurement

Jumpstart your readiness for change

We prime leaders and teams ready to reinvent how they work but looking for a solid place to start. Through facilitated, immersive workshops that introduce Brave New Work principles, we catalyze organizational change that's designed for resilience and adaptability.

What's included:

  • Priming workshops and talks

  • Leadership coaching and advisory

  • Guided experimentation

Install your future-of-work OS

We help leaders install an MVP operating system that's fit for the future of work. We know the foundational moves across our OS Canvas that allow teams to break ground with a new operating system. Through working sessions, we help get that foundation in place, so you can steer toward a more resilient and adaptive future.

What's included:

  • Readymade content and resources

  • Leadership advisory

your toolkit

For the org designers, coaches, practitioners, and facilitators doing this work out in the world, we provide a growing library of assets—tools, playbooks, resources, and more—to help you level up knowledge and change how work works both for yourself and others.

What's included:

  • The Ready Academy course library

  • Content and resources for practitioners

  • Physical products

The Future of HR

The employee experience has radically changed and keeps changing in ways both big and small. We have a vision for how HR can support a new type of culture-building—one where HR leads the way in creating an operating model for a truly great people-first organization.


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