The Future of HR

The Future of HR Is Here

HR teams around the world face an impossible challenge: Provide stunning client service to the business while innovating the employee experience and evolving the company at large. As the first responders in any company crisis, they’re asked (and expected) to respond to the urgent while delivering on the important every day. The outsize effort spent dealing with those competing agendas? It’s not adding up to outsize value.

Despite possessing the right mindsets and skill sets to shake up its status quo once and for all, HR is still missing a key ingredient: A playbook for lasting change that works.

A Model for the Future

Drawing inspiration from trailblazing companies, deep first-hand knowledge of transformation, and dozens of interviews with HR leaders just like you, we’ve developed a maturity model to help HR level up its strategic value. If equipped with the necessary tools and practices to steward its own evolution, we think HR can unlock its biggest and boldest impact yet.

We Start by Starting

You won’t see a flashy PowerPoint from us and we won’t show up with a year-long project plan stacked with unhittable milestones. Instead, we work together in the work, building new routines to organize roles around business priorities and deliver greater value to your leadership team and employees alike. We start small, iterate, and learn sticky new practices along the way.

The first step along this journey is absorbing the concepts and practices that underpin our Future of HR maturity model in a series of introductory workshops. These experiences are designed to move the needle and help teams immediately see what’s possible.  

That’s what start by starting looks like: Learning by doing.

A Workshop for WHere You Are

Our Future of HR workshops deliver hands-on education and experience to ignite momentum and make progress toward the next possible future. A standard introduction consists of four half-day workshops—beginning with a session that digs into where you are and advances status quo-busting thinking. Key concepts include:

  • The intersection of the Future of Work and the Future of HR
  • The Ready's Future of HR maturity model and your team's current position
  • The Hollywood Model: An operating model for HR featuring cross-functional, Mission-Based Teams (MBTs)
  • The HR Business Coach and Market Designer, new roles that enable HR's evolution

An Agenda Both Flexible and Structured

Half-Day One:

Introduction and Learning


The team understands where the organization sits in the maturity model and what next steps look like.


Team members learn why work isn’t working and a new model for the Future of HR that is People Positive and Complexity Conscious. Through an assessment debrief and facilitated activities, every member of the team, regardless of role, will understand the future vision and how they fit in.

Half-Day Two:

When and How to Decentralize


The team has the tools and know-how to distinguish centralized work from decentralized work.


A critical lever in HR becoming fit for purpose is learning how to separate work that should be centralized for consistency from work that should be decentralized for flexibility. Team members practice redesigning work in this way, learning about the new roles of HR Business Coach and Market Designer and exploring the skills they require.

Half-Day Three:

Mission Design


The team has practiced forming cross-functional missions.


Team members surface, craft, and charter the first cross-functional missions they may pursue. They practice mission refinement with a product lens, understanding user pains and gains and how to shape an MVP. At the end of the session, we dig into Levels 4, 5, and 6 of our maturity model to inspire the team with ideas they can apply immediately.

Half-Day Four:

The Case for Change


The team knows how this work will deliver value to the business and how to communicate that ROI.


Team members learn how to create the intersectional business case needed to convince stakeholders to pursue missions and effectively launch those strategic teams.

Ready to Get Started?

Your Committment, Our Investment

This series asks for and benefits from the time, commitment, and partnership of its participants. So, it’s most impactful when we’re live and in-person. However, it can also be delivered online. Every workshop takes 4 hours and also requires 15-30 minutes of pre-work.

Our workshops are led by a duo or trio of Future of HR experts from The Ready and cost $10K/half-day, including travel, materials, prep and post-work. Following the workshop, there is an opportunity for continued coaching to help Mission-Based Teams get up and running.

Future of HR WOrkshop Testimonial

“When we did the work around Mission-Based Teams, it became clear there was an obvious front-runner. That sold the merit of the whole workshop. I went ‘I totally see why we need to do this and why we need to do it now—and I want to be a part of it.’ It was really motivating. And it was simple. When you’re busy, it’s like ‘Holy shit, another thing to do?’ But instead of feeling resistance, I just wanted in. It didn’t feel like more work; it felt like good work.”

People & Culture Business Partner, Global Fitness Brand