The ABCs of the Future of Work

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To usher in a more adaptive and resilient future of work, we have to start changing how we work—one small, doable move at a time.

This digital anthology explores 26 ideas and elements, one for every letter of the alphabet, that contribute to a more human vision for work. Not only does this downloadable, easy-to-reference e-book introduce readers to these core concepts, but it also includes accessible moves anyone can begin experimenting with in their own work context.

Begin your future-of-work journey today by purchasing the ABCs of Future of Work anthology, inspired by our 2023 newsletter series of the same name, and gain access to its insights, resources, recommendations, and reusable templates and guides—all bundled together in one inspiring package.

Who’s this for: Those looking for an introduction to future-of-work concepts and inspiration in how to apply and share practical practices at work immediately.

What’s included: Fifty five pages of future-of-work concepts and learning and 26 exercises to help you start making and embracing change, including links to more than 80+ podcast episodes, articles, videos, demonstrations, and The Ready-made resources to support your journey.

File: PDF Format. 7.6 MB

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